The Secret Life of Bees

Had a chance to watch The Secret Life of Bees the other night. Reminded me of the beekeeper I met on my trip to the Bush Dance Fest in the Southern Highlands a few weeks ago who sold me the beeswax for my re-creations. Turned out that she knew Ted and Nelly. In fact she had known Nelly since childhood and she had later sold wax to Ted as well. She told me many stories, which I have again vowed to keep under wraps. Increasingly I fear that my personal life is converging on Ted’s in disturbing ways.

8 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Bees

  1. Visited the biennale on Cockatoo Island yesterday and really loved your exhibit there. I was mystified by the beeswax sculptures, the enigmatic Ted Wilson, the necklace in the tree root, the parallels drawn from nature and the forms of the wax then I realised that the whole thing is a hoax! Very well done had me in hook, line and sinker!

    Cheers Brent.

  2. A hoax? No. They are trying to cover up their shameful treatment of Ted. Where is he? They say he got the sack on discovery. What is really underneath all that wax in the headmasters house? Did they ask him if they could exhibit his work? Its shameful.
    A thorough investigation should be made as to Ted’s true whereabouts.

  3. Hi Linda, sorry to burst your bubble but this is an artwork and not a factual biographical representation of a man called Ted Wilson.
    Cheers Brent.

  4. It is rumoured that Ted Wilson was found encased in beeswax, with a giant wick extending from the top of his head. Dr Dusk maybe exterminating more than rats.

  5. Hi Stanley,

    Is this a hoax or is it real? It all feels so very real to me, however, if this is the case how can Iris claim it as her art work. #confused

    Many thanks, Claire

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