Gone Too Far

I just can’t keep quiet any more. She’s gone too far. This shelia named Irene, or something like that, asked if it would be alright to allow visitors to the Biennale of Sydney to come and have a look at the artefacts I’ve collected from the cave and the materials I’ve gathered to make sense of them. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but she said that the Harbour Trust would allow me to keep all the artefacts and my work areas in Building 2 afterward so it seemed like a small price to pay. But she’s turned it into a bloody Freak Show Museum!!. Sure, we talked about putting some objects into protective cases for conservation, but nothing like these show-case vitrines. And why pick Object 5?! It’s demonic. It looks like the Horned Beast! Have you seen the shadow it casts on the wall late in the day?!

Not only that, but she allows people to look at private items from Ted and Nelly that I never planned to show anyone else. A whole Cabinet of Curiosities and Nelly’s picture on the wall! Never mind that she’s stealing my blog posts, printing them out, and putting them on the wall too. I think I’ll change the blog posting so people can see I had nothing to do with it. Maybe I’ll talk about a trip to Zaragoza or something completely different.

And, on top of it all, she says she talks to me regularly and knows what I think. I barely know her! And the staff sitting around there repeat everything she tells them and none of them has ever talked to me. She’s even putting videos up on YouTube. I mean Pompeii, really?

I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think I can shut it all down. I just hope that the promise of keeping Building 2 when this is all over doesn’t turn out to be hollow.

5 thoughts on “Gone Too Far

  1. I visisted the Biennale at Cockatoo Island a few weeks ago and yesterday I took a friend to see it again. This time I noticed the house and went in. What a wonderful story to happen upon. I am totally engrossed!

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  3. Never mind Stanley, I’m sure Irene meant well! Perhaps she wished to show Nelly as having the attributes of a Princess(?)which unfortunately made object 5 appear to be a fettered demon. Anyway tell us about Zaragoza. Did you visit Compostella?I hear there is a local tradition there concerning the apostle James.

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