5 thoughts on “Is it Her?

  1. Se encontro con un hombre llamado Ningishzida que puede saber como illegar a Nelly! Por el sonido de lo que se llama en realidad Angelia. . .de todos modos el cree que puede communicarse con ella a traves de su madre Venus si quieres.

  2. Ningishzida sounds too chthonic, though less so when I think about wax and soil, but tell me more. Cristina emerged as the photo that to my eye best matched Nelly in Google Image Search as you probably know since you commented on the post. It is true that her Facebook photo does not much resemble Nelly, which has been a source of confusion to me. If you have a better candidate I would love to hear about it.

    p.s. No conozco la palabra illegar.

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