I got quite a long email from Irene, whose name is actually Iris, in which she explained what she was trying to accomplish by allowing people to visit my work areas and see the artefacts I have been studying. I found her genuinely concerned about Ted and Nelly and as eager to understand their story as I am. I am hopeful that visitors may be motivated to help in the search to locate Nelly. I may have overreacted in my earlier rant about her and trust that we can now be friends. In fact, I now feel that I can learn much from her.

2 thoughts on “Reconciliation

  1. Hi Stanley,
    Glad to see you’ve reconciled with Iris.If you are determined to uncover the meaning of Ted’s artefacts and to locate Nelly as you say,then I think Iris is the best person for you to collaborate with. Mad if you don’t!
    Bye the bye,whilst visiting ‘Building 2’ I noticed on the wall a compelling image of a doll. It looked like something made by Hermineas.Was it placed there by Iris?Or was it part of Ted’s “veneration”? (No offence Stanley but I doubt whether your logical clarifications would have led you to recognise it.)Whoever placed it there surely must have known about Alma Mahler’s ‘operation’ before she split with ‘der Tole’.Likewise OK’s paintings. Especially, what was it,the Knight Errant? And OK’s writings – Morder:Haffnung der Frauen, for instance. But maybe I’ve said too much. I should mind my own beeswax! Did I mention how glad I am you didn’t dump Iris. I hope she feels the same way about you Stanley. If I think of any leads to Nelly I will let you know.

  2. I confess that I always take Alma to be Spanish even when I know it should be Latin, but is the meaning really so different? At least the initials are right.

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