I got quite a long email from Irene, whose name is actually Iris, in which she explained what she was trying to accomplish by allowing people to visit my work areas and see the artefacts I have been studying. I found her genuinely concerned about Ted and Nelly and as eager to understand their story as I am. I am hopeful that visitors may be motivated to help in the search to locate Nelly. I may have overreacted in my earlier rant about her and trust that we can now be friends. In fact, I now feel that I can learn much from her.

Pack Up and Get Out

As I already posted, any promise of continued use of building 2 was totally false.  Moreover, there has been a significant and odious dispute over who will retain all these objects after the Biennale of Sydney.  Only after threatening to bring a law suit have I been able to secure the rights to them.

I feel that I am best suited to the curation of these works as I am far from convinced that Thed is really Ted Wilson.  Iris is nowhere to be found and in any event I am skeptical that she truly understands these objects and I have had no response from Cristina/Nelly.  So I have decided to put them into storage.  I found a suitable spot at, a pest-free, 24/7 accessible facility.  I have taken some decisions about the future home of these objects, but more about that later.

My biggest problem at the moment is that the BoS ends this weekend and I am out of town.  I expect little support from the BoS people in securing Ted (and my) artefacts and so I am appealing to all my friends on Facebook to please go to the Island and help protect and safeguard these works.