I just got word that I will not be able to continue to use building 2 for my investigations into Ted’s work after the Biennale closes. Maybe Iris promised more than she could deliver or maybe she was deceived as well, but I must now scramble to find another location for all the artefacts and my work. I’m thinking of transporting them down to the highlands. Why are people so interested in these items if they are art but not otherwise? Is the Black Madonna a work of art or an object of personal devotion? This is the Word made Wax.

Cock and Bull Story

Ted Wilson seems to have completely disappeared. I feel I should speculate about where he might have gone at this point, but I simply do not have the time, preferring rather to keep my attention focused on the artefacts and my search for Nelly. And so I invite any who might read this to ponder the question of Ted’s story to his or her satisfaction – to facilitate this I have left a couple of blank sections in this post. I hope that two will suffice.

Reader’s Idle Speculation about Ted Wilson’s Situation








Points the Reader Regards as Salient

Whither IPCS?

I feel that this is a fork in the road for me and for IPCS, that I am drawn to these objects and their author in a way that I would not have believed possible. My fascination with the personal devotion and private rituals of individuals comes rushing back and I am compelled to understand this man and his wax creations. Should I leave IPCS in the capable hands Laura and Ethan and literally dig into this material?

Pack Up and Get Out

As I already posted, any promise of continued use of building 2 was totally false.  Moreover, there has been a significant and odious dispute over who will retain all these objects after the Biennale of Sydney.  Only after threatening to bring a law suit have I been able to secure the rights to them.

I feel that I am best suited to the curation of these works as I am far from convinced that Thed is really Ted Wilson.  Iris is nowhere to be found and in any event I am skeptical that she truly understands these objects and I have had no response from Cristina/Nelly.  So I have decided to put them into storage.  I found a suitable spot at, a pest-free, 24/7 accessible facility.  I have taken some decisions about the future home of these objects, but more about that later.

My biggest problem at the moment is that the BoS ends this weekend and I am out of town.  I expect little support from the BoS people in securing Ted (and my) artefacts and so I am appealing to all my friends on Facebook to please go to the Island and help protect and safeguard these works.