Cockatoo Lab

I have spent significant time traveling over the last few weeks and have been too involved in other matters to post. But during this time I thought a great deal about the artefacts in the ‘cave’ and I have become more determined to uncover their hidden meaning. So, I have come to the conclusion that I need to put more focus on the crude lab I started in Building 2. As a result, I set about to accumulate some more equipment during my travels and so far have acquired the following items:

  • Microscope
  • Magnifying Lamp
  • Red Heat-lamps
  • Glass Vitrines
  • Fabric for Underlays (I came across some red silk to which I am uneasily drawn.)

I hope to install these items on site as soon as possible.

Cockatoo Lab II

Got back to the island this weekend in order to install some equipment. Took a camera along this time for a few shots, like this one of the building in which I have been permitted to set up the lab. I am strangely attracted to a number of the artefacts I have discovered, especially those made of beeswax, and would like to mount them in such a way that I can easily review them as I explore the meaning of Ted’s creations. It occurs to me to wonder if there could be anything hidden inside these objects.

Bundanoon DanceFest

Managed another trip to the Southern Highlands, this time to the Bundanoon Bush Dancing Festival. I’m not usually one to kick up my heals, but I wanted another trip to this area and the DanceFest seemed like a good opportunity.

You can see the fun at their web site/.

I picked up some beeswax on this trip. I’d like a more tactile sense of what Ted was up to.

Anima Mea

St. Dymphna, virgin and Martyr, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, daughter of royal parents, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, child of great beauty of soul and body, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, docile to the lessons of thy pious mother, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, obedient to thy saintly confessor, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, who abandoned the court of thy father to escape the danger of impurity, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, who chose a life of poverty on earth so that thou might lay up treasures in Heaven, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, who sought consolation at Holy Mass, Communion and prayer, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, ardent lover of the Divine Bridegroom, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, devoted to the Mother of God, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, beheaded by thine own father, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, Martyr of holy purity, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, brilliant example of Christian youth, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, renowned for many miracles, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, glory of Ireland and Belgium, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, full of compassion for those in need, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, protectress against all nervous and mental disorders, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, consoler of the afflicted, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, friend of the helpless, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, comforter of the despondent, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, light of those in mental darkness, pray for us.
St. Dymphna, patroness of those who suffer with nervous and mental diseases, pray for us.

Deciphering Artefacts

I have now had some time to puzzle over the many artefacts uncovered in the cave and elsewhere. I am drawn with a strange fascination, deeply seated, at times disturbing, towards the primordial, emotionally laden images and objects. Some I would hold close. Some I would enshrine. Some are too deeply imbued with the personal lives of others so that I am shy to intrude. This is a story that unfolds not only here on Cockatoo but at remote locations that I hesitate to reveal.

The Secret Life of Bees

Had a chance to watch The Secret Life of Bees the other night. Reminded me of the beekeeper I met on my trip to the Bush Dance Fest in the Southern Highlands a few weeks ago who sold me the beeswax for my re-creations. Turned out that she knew Ted and Nelly. In fact she had known Nelly since childhood and she had later sold wax to Ted as well. She told me many stories, which I have again vowed to keep under wraps. Increasingly I fear that my personal life is converging on Ted’s in disturbing ways.