IPCS Starts Blog

In an effort to communicate more effectively with our customers Independent Pest Control Sydney has decided to add blogging capability to its web site. The WordPress software now seems mature enough that we are able to base our blog on it. Stay tuned for tips on remaining free from pests, news about the company, and items of personal interest to IPCS staff.

IPCS Lands Cockatoo Inspections Project

IPCS has won the tender to supply inspection services to Cockatoo Island on an annual basis beginning in March of 2006.  The competition was extremely strident and we thank the IPCS staff who spent many hours producing the more than 200 pages of tendering documentation.  In the end I think the selection committee was persuaded that the breadth of IPCS knowledge and the depth of our experience made us the most qualified for the job.

We look forward to working with the staff of Cockatoo Island and to controlling any pests that may have found refuge there.

IPCS Moves to WP Website

IPCS has contracted with New Sydney Group to redevelop our website in WordPress. This will allow us to maintain our content in house in a much more effective and efficient manner. We have also decided to reorganize our Blog postings so that they appear in chronological order. This is because the blog has become more of a journal than a traditional blog. It is possible that we will have to repost some of the items in order to achieve this reordering.