Cockatoo Inspection 2010 Conclusion

The time and budget allotted for this year’s inspection has now been expended and I feel we have done a very thorough job with one glaring exception. We still have not been able to view what people increasingly call the ‘cave’. Ted Wilson has been unreachable and other staff are too busy with their own responsibilities to get involved. We have all agreed to let this go another year as there has not been any indication of pests that would cause any worry.

Cockatoo Inspection 2011

Our plan for the 2011 Inspection of Cockatoo Island is similar to last year’s in that we will rely on sampling rather than the full inspection which we have conducted every third year and which was last performed in 2009. However, because the former dockyards are such a large area, we will spend a little more time there this year than in previous years. Of course we will also do a full inspection of the tunnels and especially the cavernous area associated with them as we have not been able to examine them for several years now.