Found The Artefacts!!

A Ha! I finally found Ted and my artefacts hidden in the Sydney College of the Arts. Iris obviously got someone to transport them there to keep them away from me and use them for her own purposes. I will soon retrieve them in preparation for opening my new museum. How convenient that they are already crated up.

Museum of Unrequited Artefacts and Wax

I thought everyone would like to know that I have now opened Dr. Dusk’s Museum of Unrequited Artefacts and Wax. At last people will be able to appreciate Ted’s work (and my humble imitation). I also pray that putting these objects in public view will encourage someone to come forward and help me in my search for Nelly.

Here are some shots from the launch.

The opening was extremely well attended. Practically everyone was there. Is that Marcela on the right? I think that must be Angela at the top of the stairs.

Here is the museum from the outside. (There are only a couple of people visible because everyone else is inside.)